Sparks of inspiration

It's been an eternity since I last talked about my artistic projects here - quite simply because I haven't been doing anything creative in the lack of inspiration for the past couple of months.

Even now I can't say that I'm working on some defined project, but I do have little bits and pieces that I simply felt like trying out. There is no conscious motive or purpose for the stuff that I've photographed, just a feeling that for some reason I should.

So, I have a lot of scars and bruises mostly from sports, and I just thought that what if I took close-up shots of them because why not.

Then another idea I got was doing something similar to my Manic Episode, Unspecified work where I created images using movement and light fabric in a dark studio. I'm still most intrigued by the use of my body in movement and how I can generate really unphotorealistic visual language with these elements. I'm afraid I'll end up repeating what I've previously done because obviously certain kind of setting produces certain kind of images.
But anyway, this is what came out of using read chiffon and moving around with it in our extremely charming basemen laundry room.

There's something about the colour red that I really wanted in the pictures. I can't exactly pin down why, but it's there and especially the ones where I've used flash have something really cool going on. You see it's all vague et the moment but when you've been feeling empty for a really long time even the tiniest bit of inspiration feels great, and it's so good to be doing something again.

One of my tutors - well, all of my tutors would probably start going on about the symbolism of red. And yeah, I know it signifies a lot of different things from love to war. For me though, bright red has this strength and energy, unpredictability - like fire.
I guess that's enough poetry for one day.