Who, what and why?

I am a photographic art student, originally Finnish but studying in a British university. I would like to describe what my practice is like but as of now, that is yet to be discovered. In other words, along with crawling towards my degree I am trying to figure out who I am, and what is it that I want to do by plunging into different dimensions of this art form.

It needs to be said that blogging is not my strength: my writing is often quite incoherent and structureless mindflow, but what it is good for is keeping me on track of my projects and where I stand with them. Another problem is that paradoxically I don't particularly enjoy discussing or showing work in progress, which is contradictory to the purpose of having a blog like this in the first place. But I'll try to work that out somehow.


If I can be bothered.

Anway, if you decide to follow my posts expect to not hear from me for months with a sudden surge of everything when I get my mind back to writing.

Uh. So.