To Start a Research Diary

Let's have it said out loud: I have nine months to finish a) a major art project, and b) write a 8,000 to 10,000 word dissertation.
Nine months.




In reality though, I should be pretty much done by Christmas with the written part.


So, to keep track of my academic activities while on this quest, I have decided to attempt at keeping a diary of them. I'm going to do it here, in this blog - and I'm going to try my best to do it at least twice a week. These posts won't probably be long, reducing exponentially in word count towards Christmas when you should expect something like this to occur:

"TOday I writes 1000 wordss and deleteds half of  if after draining an xtra large triple shot caramel latte whilst sobbing under the desk SEND HALP..............."

But now, here is my 'post it' - board (= a bunch of A4's taped together) where I regularly write and glue new stuff from books, conversations, websites, tutorials and the depths of my brain.
Making it is actually quite fun and relaxing, and also useful for a visual person like myself.

There you also see my topic, hysteria, which probably doesn't really say anything to most people in the context of art studies but we'll get there. Eventually. Hopefully.

And being the Photoshop savvy individual that I am, I also put together a collage of the books from this area of study that I've read so far.

see, that took a lot of skill to make
And thus we have reached the end of the first page of my new research diary, which means that I can tick a box in the list of my to do's: to start a research diary done.

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