Last Minute Panic

That thing above is like my life philosophy so the point. And now I should talk about my other ongoing art-shit-project of randomness. So, I'm a photography student and the first thing to be said about this other project is that there is really nothing photography related in there. Other than the camera that is capable of shooting both still and video. But my course is called Photographic Art so basically anyone can do anything they like - and I like dancing.

Dancing is like one of the most natural ways of expressing my inner feelings. Why don't I then study dancing for the love of God? Mainly because I'm not talented enough. I don't have a formal training or anything so applying for a dance degree wasn't even a choice really. However I've always been kind of tickled to do something dance related in my art in one way or another. This summer I finally got a realisable (?) idea, with which I've been working on for a couple of months now. And because I'm a cheery person it is about panic.

I have some personal reasons as to why deal with panic, but I wont go deep into them just now. Let it be said though that I don't suffer from panic disorder myself. I have a condition called vocal chord dysfunction and I have had several hyperventilation attacks during the course of years but a full on panic attack with a fear of dying or depersonalisation I have never experienced.

What I'm attempting at doing then, is to create a video piece with the help of my lovely film student friend, of the modern dance piece that I've been trying to put together these last weeks that would sort of bring that inner emotional chaos of panic on the surface.

And actually, I don't feel like giving away anything else just yet because I have literally nothing ready at the moment, and I have not slightest idea what will come out of this setting.

I've put all faith in the last-minute panic and it's inspiring effects.

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