Research Diary: To Do List

So much to do, so little time. But let's see what kind of quests I have in the near future.

1. Visit an art exhibition in Cardiff. I know it's sad Chinese painting and apparently really good but that's about it, I like surprises. Going to go there today.

2. Get my studio risk assessment sheets signed by one of my tutors. Going to do that tomorrow.

3. Get props for my photoshoots. Need to do today or tomorrow.

4. Make a shooting plan for Friday.

5. Write a proposal for what I'm going to do on our November research week. Due Friday.

6. Contact Wellcome Library in London to book stuff for the research week.

7. Decide which exhibitions I want to see whilst in London.

8. Check out train/bus times and prices.

9. Find out whether I'm eligible for some kind of funding for this research trip.

10. Order a few books through our Interlibrary Loan Service.

11. Make notes of Chapter 3 of Madness and Civilization.

12. Finish the rest of the chapters of Madness and Civilization.

13. And make notes of each of them.

14. Understand what Michel Foucalt is actually on about in Madness and Civilization.

15. Go back to Invention of Hysteria and understand what it all means.

16. Write a review about it.

17. Get going with that bloody dissertation already!

18. Book more studio times.

19. Order some film.

20. Take pictures.

21. Take more pictures.

22. Panic because you have no idea what you're doing.

23. Drink tea.

24. Drink coffee.

25. Stop panicking.

26. Bring something new to every seminar and tutorial.

27. Infuriate all of your friends by constantly talking about new ideas for your project.

28. Write.

29. Write more.

30. Keep writing.

31. Drink coffee.

32. Drink tea.

33. Email tutors in panic.

34. Drink more tea and coffee.

35. Forget to buy Christmas presents.

36. Finish everything on time.

37. Relax.

38. Still keep on writing.

39. And taking pictures.

40. And drinking tea and coffee.

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