Research Diary: 700 words

I did it! I finally started writing my dissertation! We are some 700 words in woohoo!

Well, it isn't much considering that I still have the remaining 9300 to write, and I'll probably end up deleting most of today's ramblings. Anyhow, it is good to have started. And if I can out of the blue come up with 700 words on just one single image I think I'll manage the rest of it too. To celebrate this accomplishment, and share it with you, I created this highly descriptive visualisation of today's thoughts.

In a nutshell, my very academically high standard notes here are pointing towards the controversies in this image - the juxtapositions of what it resembles and what it is supposed to represent. And let me help you with understanding what that means: the above picture looks like a fashion shot or a glamour photo of a film star, and yet it is a medical photograph demonstrating one of the physical symptoms of hysteria - a contracture. So, that's quite interesting. To me anyway.

Some other things that I've been up to recently are a couple more studio session where I've also filmed moving image. I haven't really looked into those yet, so I can't tell you what I think about them. After a group discussion and a lot of support and interest from my fellow students' and tutor's behalf on last Wednesday, I'm having a good drive to take this project further and further. Thus more banging myself against hard floors and walls in dark spaces lies ahead.

I've also booked train tickets for London where I'm going to do some more research in the shape of a library archive and art exhibitions. I'm quite excited to go out and have a week off from producing work although I'll be writing throughout those six days because anything else is out of the question at this point.

Last week, on our Thursday lecture we were rewarded by a talk from John Wood, one half of the duo Harrison&Wood. He was exceptionally funny, and the way he talked about the work was inspiring. Harrison&Wood work with video on a studio environment where they carry out all kinds of ridiculous experiments, studying how things work and how they could be described in simple ways. As my description is merely words followed by more meaningless words, I will offer you a link to their website which is also quite funny and absurd so good luck with getting the hang of that.

And let's have an inspirational song that is constantly playing in my head.

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